Thursday, December 22, 2011

MB and Me...

Picture used with permission!
<---- This is one of my friends and co-workers, Marybeth.  She's an outstanding teacher and a great person.  We've been with each other at the same elementary school for 4 years now and have many things in common.  Similar aged kids...similar length careers...married about the same length of time, both love music....she plays it, I sing it.  You name it, we've got it in common! I really treasure our friendship.

But I've lost her.


And then some!

She weighs 92 pounds.  Puts my 95 pound weight loss into a VERY clear perspective for me!!!  How about for you?!?!?

She overheard me telling someone about my weight loss while we were in the copy room at work and let me know that I've lost a little more than she weighs!  I'm still 5 pounds away from a mini-challenge.  I may make it, and I may not.  But this picture is a great reminder for me.  95 pounds is NOTHING to sneeze at!

And the coolest thing about 95's the first time on this journey that I'm closer to where I'm GOING than to where I've BEEN!

Progress, friends...progress!!!

Have a great day tomorrow!


  1. Hee, hee, hee. I love it, Angie! You have lost my body weight, but you will not lose my friendship no matter how many of me you lose!! Keep going!! It's so exciting to witness you do this!!

  2. That's GREAT to know, Marybeth! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm pretty close to a REALLY big milestone...I think I'll keep going 'til I hit em all!!! Feels GREAT to set goals and then go get 'em! Thanks for celebrating with me!


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