Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve...

...and I'm still 3 pounds off from the 100 pound challenge. I could give you many reasons why that may be, but in the end, they all sound just like excuses to me.

The fact is, unless divine intervention happens overnight tonight, I'm not going to meet the challenge Angie gave me. I'm not going to miss the 100 pound mark by much, but I'm going to miss it. And for someone who hates failing, this is presenting me with an opportunity. Not a problem...truly an opportunity.
  • An opportunity to redefine what failure really is...because losing 97 pounds over 20 months really can't be categorized as a failure by anyone's definition of the word. 
  • An opportunity to gracefully hold my head high and thank God that although I may have missed this the mark on this mini-challenge, our journey continues...and I WILL be there at that 100 pound mark soon. 
  • An opportunity to demonstrate my newly learned self-control by not eating emotions away and deal with them as they happen...rather than making myself a pan of fudge brownies to drown my frustration at missing this goal I wanted so badly to hit. 
  • And opportunity to just suck it up, pick myself up by my bootstraps, and keep on getting after it! Because sometimes, friends, that's about the best thing you can do. 
And that's my plan for tomorrow...sure, I'll be sad to miss this challenge...but I've still got work to do. I'll see you here tomorrow for the final tally...and then we move on to the bigger goals ahead! Thanks for taking the trip with me!!

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