Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ever hear 'em in your head?  You know the ones...

"You can't..."

      "You'll never..."

           "You're not..."

You wanna know something about that voice?

It's lying.

That thought liberated me today.  I found this positive quote on Facebook today, one of my go-to places when I need to connect and count my many blessings.  Who would have ever thought that the voices you hear in your head are out to sabotage you?  But sometimes, they are.

I have a friend who often tells me I need to change the script I feed myself about situations.  And he's right.  I tend to feed myself the most negative possible scenarios. 

But what if I didn't do that?

What if instead, I decided to change the script those voices feed me to a more positive one that sees me as a success instead of a failure?  I wonder how that might change my reality?

Today, it surely did. 

My knee was feeling good this morning, so I decided to go to the gym.  Once I got on the equipment, though, it started to freeze up a little bit and ache.  I almost stopped the workout in fear, but decided that the voice telling me this was dangerous was lying.  So I changed the script to something like this:

"My knee is sore because I have arthritis and I haven't worked out regularly lately.  After I get back into my routine, this pain won't be so bad.  Angie says it's good for me, and I trust her.  There's nothing dangerous about working out today, so I'm going to continue with the plan."

And then instead of stopping, I finished my mile on the elliptical...and switched to the stationary bike and did 20 more minutes...about 4 more miles.
And guess what?

I survived it.  No damage done.  In fact, I even added on an outdoor mile walk at lunchtime because it was such a beautiful day (and I had such good company!).

Now it's nearly bedtime, and my knees are not yelling at me.  And I have a feeling that my scale will be thanking me in the morning!

The lesson in all this? 

Don't trust the voices.  They lie.  Change the script!

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