Sunday, January 1, 2012

By the Numbers...

At my heart, I am an analytical person.  I take very little in life at face value.  I look deeper into most situations, and read more into things than most people, I suppose.  I do this in my quest for meaning… it's how I make life make sense.
Data…numbers…mean a lot to me.  In the classroom, I base instructional decisions on data I gather about my students.  And in my life, I use data to help me walk this journey I’m on to health and wellness.  I thought I’d share some of the data I’ve gathered about myself with you as we begin 2012 together.   

Being a huge sports fan, too, I love how ESPN does their “By the Numbers” segment.  So here’s MEBy the Numbers
328 – The number of pounds I weighed back in April 2010 when I began this journey. (That number was perhaps higher at one point based on how I looked in photographs, but this is what I consider my highest weight because I finally got on a scale and measured it that day!)
231 – The number of pounds my scale read this morning.
200 – The number of crunches I do in my typical ab workout.
188 – The total number of pounds I will lose when this journey is done.  This will make me no longer classified as overweight according to the NIH standards for height/weight and BMI.
140 – How many pounds I’ll weigh when I’ve lost the weight I’ve set as my goal to lose.
119 – The number of days until my 45th birthday, when I’d like to weigh less than 200 pounds.
97 – The total number of pounds I’ve lost as of this morning on the scale.
80 – The number of pounds I currently use for leg presses…ouch!
58 – What my BMI was when I weighed my highest.  Classified as “morbidly obese”…well, far beyond it, actually.  (“Morbid obesity” begins at a BMI of 40!)
57 – The percent of my body weight I will have lost when I reach my final goal.
39 – My current BMI…only “obese”…no longer “morbidly obese”!
30 – The minimum number of minutes I aim to work out for my cardio-fitness during a regular gym visit. (Sometimes I’ll do less if my knees won’t permit me to do more.)
29 – The percent of my body weight I’ve already lost!
28 – The size of the jeans I used to wear.
18 – The size of the jeans I put on this morning!
17:17 - The fastest amount of time I've walked a mile on the treadmill
16:45 – The fastest amount of time I’ve ever moved a mile on the arc trainer.
13 – The number of pounds I lost between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve in 2011.  Not bad, given all those holiday gatherings!
8:20 – The fastest amount of time I’ve ever run a mile on the elliptical.
6 – The number of arm machines in my circuit training routine.
5 – The number of times each week I try to make it into the gym for a workout.
3.25 – The number of miles I can walk at one time these days!
2 – The number of knees that will eventually be replaced, no matter how much weight I lose to put that day off.
And finally…

1…AMAZING group of friends and family who encourage, inspire, support, celebrate, and hold me accountable on this journey.  

I am so INCREDIBLY blessed that you are in my life.  Thank you for your part in making me well, for joining me in this journey to change my life!  You are a hugely important part of that journey, whether you know it or not.  I pray that your new year is filled with all kinds of goals, accomplishments, and opportunities to laugh, live, love, and grow.  

Let’s roll 2012…we’ve got things to do!!


  1. Wow is all I can say! U rock!

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! I appreciate the encouragement! This year, I hope to hit a lot more "numbers" as I work my way to that final goal! More than halfway's been quite a ride! Thanks for joining the journey! Come back and visit often!


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