Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Am I Nervous NOW?!?!

Why?  Well, because now I'm officially ONE POUND away from a 3-digit weight loss, a decidedly monumental milestone for anyone on the kind of journey I am.  And every day until it happens, I'm gonna be sweating it...wondering when it's gonna happen.  Not IF it's gonna happen...because at this point, it's a given!  But the WHEN...it's hanging over me and making me shake in my boots a bit!

I worked out hard in the gym tonight...ate fairly well, but not as good as I could have...and now I'm nervous.  It feels like everyone is watching me...waiting....hoping for me.  Oh, don't get me wrong...I LOVE the support of my friends.  And I know they want to CELEBRATE this with me...I know that's what this is about.  But I'm still a bit nervous.  The sooner it happens, the better for me.  Because reaching this milestone is important.  But you know what, I've got FAR bigger ones to go hit.  And once I past this one...celebrate it appropriately...I can aim at those other ones!

Right now, it feels like ALL my goals are coming into focus...and it's AMAZING!

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