Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Invades...

Ever have one of "those" weeks?  I sure have.  This week, in fact.  It began when I woke up Monday morning, unable to swallow around the huge, red tonsils inflamed in the back of my throat. Fighting that all week while holding multiple parent/teacher conferences has made for a tiring, busy week.

My schedule for life, much less the gym, has been interrupted greatly.  In fact, tonight was the first night I got to be in the gym at all this week!  And friends...I have to be honest.  Stepping foot on that treadmill felt like I was finally coming home.

Yes, it was difficult to walk my 2 miles, mostly because it's still a big challenge to breathe in the first place with this clogged up head.  But also, I could tell that I've lost a little bit of my cardio fitness.  That happens when you're away from the gym for a week or better.  But the good thing is that it comes back quickly.  By the end of my walk this evening, I was back in my regular zone.  I was able to grab a few 17 minute miles...not quite my quickest miles, but certainly FAR from my slowest! 

I guess the point I'm making is this:  Life invades your plans.  It just does.  People get sick.  Schedules are changed and interrupted by events.  And you know what?  Once you've made a commitment to things like a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting back to them feels like coming home again. 

At one time in my life, it was so hard to imagine how I was ever going to fit in 5 gym visits every week, how I was going to survive on a limited calorie diet.  Now, skipping those gym visits feels so unnatural! 

If you're there in your journey...where you just can't see how you're ever going to make some of the changes that you know will make you healthier, take heart.  One day, when you want it badly enough, you'll make those changes.  And then you'll understand what I now do...that NOTHING life can throw at you is enough to take you back to your old habits!  Not sickness, not busy-ness, not anything.

Happy Weekend, my friends!  Hope yours is sweet.  I know mine will be!

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