Thursday, April 26, 2012

Suck It Up, Cupcake!

I had never heard that phrase before I came to work at my current school four years ago.  But from the first time I heard it, I loved it. 

Suck it up, Cupcake! 

Stop your moaning...complaining...whining...and just do what has to be done.

I use this phrase with my favorite 10 & 11 year olds all the time.  (And a few times with my family, but we won't go there...!!! Some things should just stay at home, ya know?!?!) 

But seriously who I need to speak this to these days is MYSELF!!

"Hey, Angie...suck it up, Cupcake!  Yeah...your knees are trashed and in a lot of pain these days.'ve been battling a cold and allergies for a month now.'ve got about a megaton of stress going on in your life.  Suck it up and get your butt back in the gym.  NOW!"


I believe I'll listen to myself...and if you need to find me later today, check out Planet Fitness.  I've got some working out to do!


  1. hey cupcake...think of it this way...if you suck it up and go to the gym you can have a bite of the damn cupcake GUILT free. It is a win win situation. It is a mind over matter. Once you get to the gym your mind goes on auto pilot and focuses on just you and just imagine how much better you feel about YOU once you have done the work. You win twice.

  2. Jen...EXCELLENT point! I'm on my way there!!! Thanks for the reminder!


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