Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time for a Reality Check...

I'm watching the finale of another season of The Biggest Loser...and I'm blown away by the transformations.  Just like last season.  Just like I will be next season.

So why am I not blown away by my own transformation?

Because here's my reality...I've lost more weight than a lot of those people.  I started bigger than most of the women, in fact all of them this season.  And I still am bigger than most of them.  But as of today, I have lost 30.49% of my body weight.  That would have put me in the top 5 finishers.

So again...why am I not blown away by that?

The real answer?  Sometimes what I focus on more is the journey that's left ahead of me, rather than the accomplishments I've already made. 

I have some big goals yet to reach.  And I haven't done much to work on them lately.  I'm maintaining...and for right now, I'm OK with that.  But part of me wonders if I allowed myself to truly understand what I've done so far...do a reality check...would I find there enough motivation to move out of maintenance mode and back into a real effort at finishing this journey?

I'll check in with you guys later.  I've got some thinking to do... :-)

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