Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove...

Had to go visit my PT for some pretty intense pain this week.  (I'll be going back into regular therapy for awhile here pretty soon!) But when she was evaluating how bad my left knee was, she mentioned that I've lost some of the muscle tone since she's last seen me.

With just a few missed workouts each week for the past 3 weeks, I've lost what it took months to build.  Doesn't that just stink?!?!

So, I was in the gym tonight.  I didn't want to be.  My left knee still hurts a good bit.  It was a long day.  I could give about a hundred excuses.  But none of them was good enough.  I need to get back into the groove.

Once you begin working out, it doesn't take long to start seeing the changes in yourself.  Your endurance is better.  Your weight drops (usually). Your cardio fitness improves rapidly.  There's much less heavy breathing after a few really good workouts.  Your body craves fitness...and when you work toward it, it responds.  Generally, very quickly.

But even more quickly, it responds to a change in your routine.  Because of taking on a part-time job and because of a great deal of knee pain, I've dropped down to 3 times a week in the gym instead of 5 for the past few weeks.  And Angie (the PT...not me!) saw it in my muscle tone.  Honestly, I could have told you, too.  It's part of why my knees have been hurting so much.  My quads and hamstrings, which I count on being strong because my knees aren't, have not been worked out as rigorously as they need to be...and they're losing their muscle tone that quickly.

What's a girl to do but get her butt...and her thighs...and her calves...and her arms...and the rest of her...back to the gym?!?!

It's time for Stella to get her groove back!  Who's coming with me?!?!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!! I have browsed through your blog and was blessed by it. I turned 50 on April 29th and my goal was to be in better shape and weigh less. I'm definitely in better shape than I have been and working on the weighing less. What type of exercise program has helped you on your weight loss journey?

  2. Happy belated birthday! I turned 45 the day after your birthday...and I wanted to weigh less than 200 pounds. Didn't reach that goal, but I've reached so many more...I can wait awhile to hit this one! Mostly what I'm doing for exercise is cardio training and weight training in the gym. My physical therapist (who I talk about a LOT on this blog!) put together a program for me to follow that both protects my weak knees and strengthens my overall fitness and targeted muscle groups. I'll use the treadmill, elliptical, arc trainer and occasionally the stationary bike in rotation for 2 miles or 30 minutes, depending on which piece of equipment I'm on. After cardio, I do strength training with free weights and also resistance machines in the gym. Remember, muscle burns WAY more fat AT REST than other types of tissue. Build as much muscle as you can in your body and you'll lose weight naturally...even when you're not working out. Hope this helps some! Thanks for reading the blog! :-)


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