Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Barely...but still 100

I haven't wanted to write this post.

I've been avoiding my blog...you...the mirror...my scale...myself.

You see, there's this little thing of having lost 100 pounds I did a few months back.  Made a HUGE deal out of it.  Heck...it IS a huge deal!  It was worth celebrating.

But I haven't lost much since then.  I got up to 108 pounds lost shortly after I hit the 100 on January 6.  But then life got a little hairy.  I've talked about it a lot.  My knees are really being difficult right now.  And my life is beyond stressful personally.  I haven't really been losing so much as maintaining.

Only, really...I've been very slowly gaining.  I've found 5 pounds that I had lost.  To you, that might not seem like much.  To ME...it's devastating.  Because what it means is that I'm creeping closer and closer to that 100 pound loss...to LOSING it, not achieving it!

And I just can't go there.


But I've decided tonight that avoiding the situation won't keep it from happening.  Avoiding things in my life has never really done anything positive for me, in fact.  I am a person who needs to confront it head on.  So I will with this, too.  It's time to tighten the belt a bit.

Since I can't work out as hard as I have been and want to, I'm going to adjust my calorie level down a bit until I can.  And I'm also going to go back to my PT for some therapy to try to get these knees a little more functional than they have been.  Hopefully, between those two things, I can keep my 100 pound weight loss, maybe even increase it a bit.

And no more avoiding.  That's for wusses...weak people.  And that's not me anymore.

So I'll be back on here a little more frequently keeping myself motivated and you updated on how I'm doing.

It's game on...for real.


  1. You are awesome! Keep the faith. You will get there, I know it!!
    ~Linda Poe

  2. Hey you! :-) You know my weight loss history, and I struggle with gain as well! It's a life-long battle that I plan on winning! We were talking at dinner last night (Justin, Kirk, Barbie and I) how absolutely beautiful you are! You can maintain, I know you can! As far as the other stressor(s), you know our family experienced the same "upheaval" 1-year ago, and it has been a tough year for my little sister, but she has prevailed and gets stronger every single day, and you will too! Take care, Angie!


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