Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sharpening My Focus...

I'm almost there.  Almost.

I've thought and thought about how to get myself back into "losing" mode rather than "maintaining" mode on this journey I've been on for two years now.

I've tried to imagine staying where I am right now...with a 102 pound weigh loss.  And I just can't.  It's not over.  Not yet.  I have proven to myself that I do know how to maintain this weight loss.  But it's just not time to maintain.  Not yet.

The goal was never weight loss.  It still isn't.  That's just the byproduct.  But it's an important byproduct.  And because I haven't been losing for the past 4 months, I'm paying the price in knee pain.  Oh, I ever paying that price!

Bottom line for me is I need to lose about 80 more pounds.  THAT is what healthy physically looks like for me.  That is my best shot at living with less pain.  And therefore, that is now part of the goals I have for my life.  Officially.

So, now it's time to get there.  Not be almost there like I am today.  It's time to turn my energy and resources toward this goal.  Because only when I do that will I achieve it.

I've got to sharpen my focus.  Lose the distractions and let them fade to gray, and narrow my vision on what the real goal here is.  Healthy.  Lengthening the time before my knee replacements.  Quality of life while I wait.  Time to focus in on those things, and do what's necessary to move toward them.

Ready?...  Set?...  GO!!!

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