Monday, July 2, 2012

Run Your Own Race...

I am not a runner. 

I hope that one day I will be able to choose to be a runner, but right now, with my knees in the condition they are, to run would mean to hasten the time when I have to replace them.  So I don't run.  I walk. Often. And far. But I don't run.

I do know people who are runners, though.  And I've been thinking a lot lately about something I hear them say all the time.  It seems like it's a key component of training and competing in the running world.

Run your own race.

What they're saying is that no matter what anyone else around you is doing, you've got to run the race the way that's right for YOU.  So what if a faster runner sprints away from the starting line and gets a huge head start?  If your own race plan is slow and steady, run it.  Don't be enticed into abandoning your plan to respond to other runners.  Go with what you know works for you.  Stick to the program.  Run your own race.

Why is that sticking with me lately?  I think it could be that I'm finally settling down into the fact that this is how the rest of my life is going to be.  I won't always be in a weigh loss mode.  One day, I'll be maintaining the full weight loss.  But I'm always going to have to run my own race, so to speak.

I'm always going to have to find the balance of eat less, move more that works for ME.  It may not work for everyone else, but it's also not everyone else's race to run.  It's mine.

Just where my head is today.  Settling into my new reality.  Adjusting my focus a bit.  Running my race.

Thanks for being my running partners in this thing called "Life".  I'm honored to run alongside you!

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