Friday, November 11, 2011

A Challenge I Can't Refuse...

Angie x 2 made a gym visit tonight.  It's always amazing working out with her.  She pushed me harder than I planned on working, which was a very good thing because I need to be working hard and I was going to just do an easy workout.  And then came the challenge.

Angie asked me about my "official" on the books weight at the doctor's visit I had last week.  After I shared it with her, she reminded me that there's only about 7 weeks left in the year...just enough time for me to hit a very big goal of mine if I work for it. 

100 pounds is really within my reach.  It's officially 16 pounds away.  And there are 50 days left in this year as of this moment.  In 7 weeks and 1 day, it will be New Year's Eve.  And I want to enter the new year 100 pounds less than I used to be.  That's a little more than 2 pounds per week.

So,'s GAME ON!  I've accepted Angie's challenge.  And I know there are several factors fighting against me in this.
  • I've been plateaued in my weight loss for more time than I've got left in the year...and have no idea how I'm going to break through it to start losing again.
  • The holidays are coming up, which are a major challenge because my favorite foods are served in plentiful quantities.
  • My knees are still pretty painful, although I am back to a fairly regular workout schedule.
And not one of those factors is going to stop me from aiming at this goal.  16 pounds in 50 days.  This is my new short-term goal.  Think I've got this in me?  Honestly, if determination alone could carry me through, I know I do.  I've got determination aplenty!  But I have no idea if I can make this goal a reality or not. 

But I do know this...I've got to try.

And if I make it, we are going to party hard to ring in the new year.  No...make that WHEN I make it.  Why bother to have a goal that I don't start out planning to reach?


  1. Thanks, Ashliegh!!! I appreciate the encouragement! I'm feeling like it's within reach! This was my 100th blog post...and the goal I'm aiming for is 100 pounds lost. That's just GOTTA mean something...!!!!


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