Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finding Your Second Wind...

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second." ~  William James

I love this quote.  I've got it listed on my encouraging quotes page on this blog because right now, it's really speaking truth into my life.  I haven't had a hard workout this week since Monday morning. Too much to, family, life.  I've been active, but nothing like a "don't stop 'til you drop" workoutJust no time.

Until tonight.  Tonight I walked 2.35 miles in 45 minutes...did 150 crunches...and then some arm work.  I came home completely exhausted.  And I haven't felt that good in a long time!  

But I have to tell you...I almost stopped 1/2 hour into that walk.  It would've been a good walk at that point...about 1.75 miles or so.  Not horrible.  But not 2.35.  I felt like I was hitting the wall.  But I decided to just keep pushing through it.  My knees were feeling good (PRAISE GOD!!) and I needed to take advantage of that because it hasn't happened often enough lately and that 5K is looming large in about 2 weeks!

I call these moments where I just give in "Cold Dead Fingers" moments.  As in, "The only way you're getting me off this treadmill is to pry my Cold Dead Fingers off of the bar."  So when I put my game face on and toughed it out, I discovered the truth of William James' quote.  You really DO have a second wind.  For me, it started at about 33 minutes into this walk.  I caught the second wind and it carried me all the way to the 45 minute mark that I had determined would be my end point tonight. 

And you know what I wonder now???  I wonder if I've got a third???  I have a feeling that I'm gonna find that out sometime soon.  I'm just sayin....!!!

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  1. Hey Angie,

    When the weather gets cooler, which it has here in Florida, it's amazing how much energy I consume from the cooler weather. I push myself to beyond anything I think I can do. Even as I am sitting here typing this, my legs are very tight this morning from all the yard work I have been doing after going to the gym. Guess what? I am going to the gym to walk on the treadmill and then do lots of arm work. Tightness in legs or not, I'm walking!

    Thanks for the post; it's encouraging.



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