Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a Plain Old Day...Thankfully!

I have a very good friend and former colleague who likes to say that, "Normal is just a setting on a dryer."  I love that phrase because it's pretty true..."normal" is pretty much non-existent, at least in my life.  But there are days like today that are just...plain old days.  And I needed that today.

My husband asked me about my day today.  I told him that it wasn't as bad as Monday and it wasn't as good as yesterday.  It was just a day.

The thing about those kinds of days for me, especially on this journey to wellness and good health, is that they remind me that part of this quest I'm on has to do with living a "normal" existence.  And altering my "normal" is a pretty important thing.  In fact, on days like today, I know that I've made great strides in doing that already. 

Today, I was moderately stressed, and the old "normal" would have been to eat my way through it.  That didn't happen today.  At all.  My new self just doesn't overeat often, and usually not to deal with stress.  I still have room to grow in this.  I do still emotionally eat at times.  But I don't mindlessly eat...just to relieve other emotions going on inside me.

So, today was just normal.  A plain old day.  And I'm so thankful that there's a new "normal" in my life.  Hoping you find yours, too!

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