Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Had a Mini Moment...

Well, perhaps it was more than a "mini" moment...I'll let you decide!

Had to go to the doctor's office yesterday. I have ongoing knee pain, as you know, and also have had a low grade fever and cold-like symptoms for the past three weeks.  Figured I was due for a visit to my primary care doc to get it checked out.

When I got to her office and got on the scale, I was excited because I weigh myself every day, and since I hadn't seen her for about 12 weeks, I knew that she'd have the opportunity to be happy about a big weight loss for my official medical record.  So, I got on the scale smiling (a mini moment all on it's own!) and proceeded to adjust the weights.

Before I go on, I should explain that I weigh myself every morning on a digital scale.  All I do is step on, wait a few seconds, and it tells me to the tenth of a pound how much I weigh.  It's surprisingly accurate when compared to my doctor's scale, but it requires no adjusting on my part.  I just stand there and it weighs me.  My doctor's scale in the practice's downstairs office is also digital.  But I saw my doctor in the upstairs office yesterday, which has a scale that looks a lot like the one in that picture up there.

At first I didn't adjust anything after I stepped on it, merely out of habit.  Then my brain kicked in and I realized that this was not home, nor the downstairs office.  This was not my digital scale, and I actually had to move the weights to get it to measure my body weight.  So, out of habit from being a big girl for the past 20 years or so, I slid the bottom weight all the way to the right and proceeded to adjust the top weight to try to get it to balance.  It wouldn't.  And that's when it hit me...

The number all the way to the right on the bottom of this scale is 300 pounds.  I used to have to move the weight that far.  But that was a long time ago.  So I adjusted it one space to the left, smiling at my good fortune, and tried to make the weight balance.  Still, no balancing.  And it hit me again...

That number isn't my number either.  Because that number is 250 pounds...and I now weigh LESS than that!!!

So, finally I moved it one more time, shaking my head, with tears in my eyes, and adjusted it down slightly to new official medical record weight as of the cheers and congratulations of the friendly nurse who was recording my statistics.

Like I said...a mini moment.  Or possibly a major one.  Yeah, I'm gonna go with major!!!


  1. Way to go I am so proud of you .jeannine

  2. Thanks, Jeannine! It felt REALLY good!!


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