Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OK, Let's Get Real for a Minute...

First a disclaimer...that is NOT me!  I wish!  I'm not quite there yet...but actually, I'm a lot closer than I've been in a long time!  One day.

Now that that's out of the way and we've confirmed this is a stock photo, let's deal with what it shows.  Because I'm facing this side effect from my weight loss.  You see, I've weighed nearly 200 pounds more than my ideal weight for a lot of years.  Fortunately, skin stretches.  Unfortunately, skin STAYS stretched!

Losing 85 pounds has been amazing.  I feel so much better about myself when I look in the mirror.  But I keep wondering how I'm going to ever be able to do enough toning and tightening that I can get rid of the extra skin that just kinda flaps around on my belly and upper thighs. I mean really...I can crunch with the best of em these days.  And I do. Repeatedly!  But for as much muscle as I can feel underneath the flab...there's still loose, icky skin hanging on me.  Oh, I know there's still a LOT of fat there waiting to be burned off, too.  After all, I'm still about 100 pounds from my final goal.  But there's also a lot of fat gone that used to be here.  And really, this loose skin just isn't a good look.

So, for as much as this is a good problem to's still a problem.  Anyone farther on this weigh loss journey than I am have any tips for me on how to tone and tighten?  I'm looking for a few good ideas to try...


  1. I think surgery is going to be your only option. The skin will not tighten up as much as it stretches and the longer it is stretched out, the harder it is to tone it back up. OK, here is what you do. Any time you get a rash, infection or any other issue caused by your skin, go to your doctor. Make sure when you call, that is why you are going to the doctor, even if you think you can cure it yourself. As you lose even more, the folds will get worse. Generally, you can get most of it covered by insurance once you have lost all your weight and show that you are keeping it off (about a year). You also need to show it is causing medical issues. Arms never get covered but most other parts do. If you start saving now, you will have the money that if you do get the surgery, you can pay for the arms as well. It is much cheaper and easier to do it all at once. The good news is that losing the extra skin will also lower your weight too. Keep up the good work. You might also want to go and get some shapewear to wear while losing to help condense the extra skin. That does help.

  2. Very good suggestions, Donna! Thanks for taking the time to post them...and REpost them! I'll definitely keep them in mind!

  3. Dry brush your body before showering. (Look up on line for kind of brush, etc.) Skin cell turn over is faster than you think. Also, diluted tee tree oil applied with a cotton pad keeps your skin from developing itchy redness in the folds.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Patricia! You're looking GREAT these days, btw! Just thought I'd put that out there!!!

  5. Hi! I'm a friend of a friend. :-) I was asked to look at your post and I LOVE it!
    First off, congrats on the weight loss!!!
    That is an amazing accomplishment and you should def be proud!!
    My friend asked me to check out your blog, because in the last year I have lost 130 pounds. I went from being a couch potato, to now teaching aerobics/weight lifting classes at a local gym. I have seen a lot of folks coming in the same way I I'm hoping maybe I can give a few suggestions? :-)

    I can COMPLETELY RELATE to the skin issue. UGH! It's my nemesis. haha And you're right...there's really nothing for skin, except surgery. (And while we're on that, just have to say that NO SITUPS will get rid of belly fat. ONLY cardio gets rid of it. Sit ups help define muscle, but you can sit up 1000 times and still don't lose the belly fat. It has to be burned off through cardio. Took me forever to learn that. haha )
    I've seen a surgeon who told me "Your arms can tone up, but the belly, thighs, etc. will take surgery."
    However, it was going to cost me over $16,000!!!! SO....for now, it's me and my skin. lol
    However, I've still found a few things helpful.
    First off, LIFT WEIGHTS. (2-3 times a week)
    I never imagined how much it would change the shape of my body.
    As a woman, you will NOT "bulk up" like a guy. Our bodies aren't designed for that.
    But you WILL build nice muscle and fill out some of the excess skin. Extra bonus?? Building muscle burns more fat, FAST!! The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, etc.
    Also, COMPRESSION SHIRTS. These are fantastic and they really do help in the long run. A "friend" of mine from "The Biggest Loser", Patrick House, told me about it. It helps keep the muscles/skin pulled in tighter, helps the skin to tighten, but again I'll be honest, it's not a miracle...just a helper.
    Plus, it holds it all in while you work out. haha :-) I LOVE that part.
    I get em at Wal Mart in the bra section. what else...there is a Dr. Oz approved cream that I love.
    I don't recommend creams or potions, cause 99.9% of them are full of crap, but this works. Again, NOT like surgery of course, but you can see differences anyway, so I figure it's worth it. :-)
    It's from Mama Mio called "Skin Tight."
    Again, NOT going to tighten up a saggy tummy, but it WILL help with jaw line line, thighs, arms, whatever...the downside is, it takes about 6-8 weeks. BUT IT WORKS. And i use it all over anyway... it's worth a shot right?
    Plus, I'm a HUGE believer in Dr. Oz "approved" products. :-) I was on his show via video back in Dec. of 2010. He is the real deal and he really does test his products, etc. before putting his name on them, so I trust his opinion.

    OK, I've written a book here but I'm just REALLY excited for you and I wanted you to know I'm right there with ya sister. :-) (Facebook me anytime!)

    OH and one more thing...if you DO decide to go with surgery, GET TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT FIRST. Very important. If you get the surgery, then lose another 10-20 pounds, you'll be back to square one.
    I haven't gotten to have surgery and honestly,unless I hit the lotto, I may never get to do it, but in the meantime, these are just a few things I've found so far, that have helped a little.
    GOOD LUCK!!!! Beth

  6. Beth...AMAZING help! THANKS!! I'm really grateful for your encouragement and the suggestions! I'll look you up on Facebook! And thanks to the friend who suggested you check out my blog! I really do admire people who've done what you've done. I'm doing it, but seeing people on the other side of it is a HUGE motivator to me. Congratulations on a TREMENDOUS weight loss and live change!!!

    I've been plateaued in weight loss for the past 8 weeks. I am still doing all the right things, but I'm ready to start losing again. With all the love and encouragement I've received today, I just KNOW it's gonna kick up! Thanks for being part of my journey...I hope you stick around and check back often!


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