Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Easy Tip to Try...

Yeah...I don't eat the veggies!
I've got a habit that I've developed over the past several months that really is a tip that could help you with portion control and calorie intake daily.  When I get a plate of food, especially in a restaurant, I divide it in half...literally separate it on the plate.  I'll eat half of it first (or as much of the half as I want) and then wait 5 minutes with no fork in my hand.  I let my body decide if its still hungry or not.  Many times, I have found that just letting myself wait those 5 minutes without eating, I can feel the fullness in my stomach, so I'll take home the other half of the meal.  Sometimes, though, especially in restaurants that use more "normal" size portions, I'm still not full after the half I ate, so I'll eat the other half (or as much of it as I want).

So, I'm calling you out...I'm challenging you!  The next time you eat a meal...try this!  In fact, try it for at least one meal a day for a full week.  See if this makes a difference for you, too!  I bet you lose some weight that week, whether you exercise or not!  This is a great way to allow your body to understand what "full" feels like...and it's a terrific way to eat less calories on any given day!  TRY IT!!!!  And then tell me how it works for you!


  1. Another tip is share a meal with someone. Carley and I normally split something because restaurant portions are so over the top. We laugh that the two of us can eat for under $12.

    FYI, David may be in the Maryland area for two weeks at the beginning of the year. I know he would love to see all of you.

  2. Great tip! Dan and I share a lot now, too! And great point about restaurant portions...now a lot of restaurants will list the calories of their meals, but not the portion size they're serving you! It doesn't help you to know the meal is 550 calories if they don't tell you that your plate has 3 servings on it! Always gotta be paying attention!

    LOVE to see him! Thanks for the heads up! He's welcome to stay with us if needed. Let us know!

  3. They have also done studies blindfolding people, you eat less because you stop when you're full not when your plate is empty. No more clean plate club.

  4. Yup! GREAT point! Also, eating on smaller plates. I don't use my dinner size plates to serve meals anymore. I use the salad plates. There's just less on them. I think the key is to find any way you can to eat less...and allow yourself to feel full.


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