Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Not About What We FEEL...

...it's about what we KNOW and BELIEVE! 

I wrote a Facebook post earlier today that indicated that I just wasn't feeling it today.  What I meant by that was that I felt attacked emotionally, physically, and even intellectually a little bit.  I had a big presentation at work today that I was nervous about.  I'm still struggling with my knees taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, along with a summer cold that has me sneezing and stuffed up.  And there are so many other things attacking my emotions that I can't even list them all here!  Just "not feeling it".

And that phrase is true.  My FEELINGS were out of whack today.  But you know what?  What I FEEL isn't what's REAL.  Not always.  There are things that are true, whether I feel them or not.  The big key for me is to not make decisions based how I FEEL, but rather based on what I KNOW.

Example:  This afternoon when I got home, I almost broke out the bag of peanut M&M's for a pig-out session.  Drowning feelings in food is a habit I've indulged for many more years than I'd like to admit.  But I stopped myself.  My new habits are serving me well.  Rather than going with what I felt this afternoon (M&M's will make me happy)...I went with what I knew (I'm not hungry and I'm not eating any M&M's).

This is why I've now lost 82 pounds...and it's why I'll lose all the rest of the weight I need to lose, too.  Discipline yourselves, my friends, and THINK before you make decisions.  Don't let your emotions rule these kinds of choices...they can't always be counted upon!

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