Friday, August 5, 2011

Just a Slight Speed Bump...

...that's really all this small setback in the journey to a New Angie is! 

Got some great news from the orthopedist today.  The left knee, while significantly arthritic and kinda messed up big time, is not beyond hope!  The current plan is to use cortisone injections every 4-6 months as needed to manage the pain, and to change the anti-inflammatory I  was using because it appears that it is no longer effective for me after being on it for an extended period of time.  The doc seems to think that this will decrease the pain to the point I was before this flare up, or possibly even better.  In short, in a few days, I'll be back in the gym, working my tail off...literally!

Now that I've been through this, though, I've come to realize something.  Speed bumps may actually be useful.  Just like they use them in neighborhoods to slow cars down and protect the people living there from injury or property loss from an accident, speed bumps in our lives may be just as necessary.  I've learned something about myself these past few days...something valuable that I may not have learned as quickly or as well had I been able to workout like I normally do 5 or 6 days each week.

I really do ENJOY being an active person!

I began this pursuit out of necessity, not desire.  I got my rear-end in gear and started pushing through some serious knee pain to keep myself out of that motorized scooter...not because I really wanted to get up and move.  I did it because there was no other choice.  But I am at the point in my journey now where I can honestly say to you, I look forward to opportunities to be active.  Sitting on the I've spent the majority of my leisure time for the past 20 years...just feels wrong to me now. 

Unless you've been where I was, I'm not sure you can appreciate the enormity of this discovery.  This is a monumental lifestyle shift for me...not any small potatoes change.  This is huge!  Because what this says to me is that once this excess weight is gone...once the knees have been replaced with artificial ones and arthritis is a thing of my past...I will still continue to be an active person.  I'm not going back.  Not ever.  I'm not ever going to be sedentary again...because I enjoy being active.  I'm not doing it now solely because I HAVE to...I'm also doing it because I WANT to!

And without this speed bump...without the slower pace of the past week...I may not have noticed this change in me.  But what a change it is!  This was worth slowing down to discover!

(But really...we can pick up the pace any time now...I'm just sayin'!!!)

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