Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the Water...

Well, I got back in the water real heavy aerobic real stress on the knee...but being in the water at all was AMAZING!  It felt like I was getting my journey back on the right track again.

Since I couldn't do a lot to raise my heart rate, I focused on strength moves, like the one in this picture.  I was really impacted by the whole idea of not letting what I can't do interfere with what I can do, and I made that work for me today.  I couldn't run in the water...wasn't given permission to do so just yet.  But I could walk.  I could tone, I could strengthen.  And so I did.  I did some in the water stretching, balancing, and leg lifting to build up the muscles that surround my knee.  Because my knee doesn't work well, these muscles become even more important to develop so that they can bear the load my knees don't. 

I just want to encourage you.  Today was nothing spectacular, just another step along the path to being fit and healthy.  But it would be so easy to just skip workouts like today..and I want to encourage you not to do that.  These little, seemingly insignificant steps really do add up along the way.  They pay off big time in helping you achieve your goals.

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