Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Work...

This week is tax-free shopping in Maryland in case you live here and might have forgotten that. I intentionally waited until this week to buy a few more things to add to my wardrobe so that I have clothes to wear to work that don't have to be held together with office supplies!  I mean, that was fun and all...but really...don't want to have that same issue this year!  You can only pull that look off a few times before people start looking at you funny!

You may remember that a friend of mine really paid it forward when she gave me the wardrobe she's shrunk out of.  The great thing is, it's mostly work clothes, too!  However, a lot of them are more late fall/winter weight clothes...which is going to be great in a few months.  But not so good for the more immediate future (Monday!) when it's going to be about 95 degrees outside!  So I wanted to add a few more pieces to the wardrobe that would get me through the warm weather for as long as it lasts.  Not too many pieces, mind you...I AM still shrinking, after all!!!

Today was actually a shopping trip I was looking forward to...and that hasn't happened in a long time! Since I discovered last week that my shirt size has shrunk down to normal-size clothes in the Misses section, I was excited to see how close my pants size was to that.  What I discovered is that I'm not quite there yet...but I'm pretty close.  I feel like a pear...smaller on the top than on the bottom!  But you know what...considering that the top is 4 sizes smaller than my biggest and the pants are 3 sizes smaller...I'll take it...ANY DAY!

Now that I'm going back to work, I'm looking forward to being able to mark milestones like this one with my new class.  One of the most powerful things for me last year was being able to use this journey and all the milestones along the way to show my students that you really can do ANYTHING when you commit yourself and your energy and resources to achieving your goals.  It was a great opportunity to be able to share my failures with them as well as my show them by example how you get yourself turned back around and going in the right direction again.  Those are some incredible lessons to be able to teach 10 year olds...the kind that I pray they'll remember their whole life!

And sharing them with you has been great, too!  I try to be as transparent and open as I can in this blog with the hope that God blesses YOU as you follow my journey... just as much as He blesses me with your support and encouragement along the way!  Thanks for building yourselves into my life!  And thanks for taking this journey with me!


  1. Your blogs are such a blessing! Since it's too late to wish you Happy Shopping, then Happy Wearing of the New Clothes!

  2. Thank you for your kind wishes! I am looking forward to wearing them...for awhile...until I shrink even further and get to give them away to bless someone else's life! :-)


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