Monday, July 11, 2011

Paying It Forward...

Today, a friend of mine who is in the midst of her own highly successful quest for good health and weight loss, offered to "pay it forward" by giving me some of the clothes that she's now far too tiny to wear.  She began her quest at just about the place where I have arrived now, and she wanted to bless me by sharing what she no longer needs.  Her reason?  She has had it "paid forward" to her, too, and relished the opportunity to do the same.

That really got me thinking.  First of all, I thought how incredible God is to put people in our path at just the time we need them.  I have been losing weight for awhile and have enjoyed the absolute THRILL of purchasing smaller sizes, but it feels like right now, none of my clothes fit me well.  In fact, today while me friend was talking to me, I was just praying my pants stayed up!  (I really need a belt...if anyone knows where I can get one!)  My family budget is just not in a place where we can buy a bunch more clothes right now, and honestly, because the weight is pretty consistently dropping at this point, it doesn't feel like a good use of money to buy a whole lot of clothes that I'm going to shrink out of anyway.  God sent my friend into my journey at just the right time!

My next thought, though, is something I hope you can all help me out with.  My friend is right...paying it forward is a great opportunity we all have.  I'd like to do the same thing.  I have 7 bags of clothes sitting in my bedroom right now that don't fit me anymore.  They are sizes 24, 26, and 28...the three sizes I've passed out of.  Of all the people I know, I am the largest.  I don't know anyone personally who could be blessed by receiving these clothes.  But I'm hoping YOU do!    Please contact me, either here or by email ( with the name and contact information for someone who you think could use these clothes.  I am confident that God wants someone out there to have them...please help me find her...or them!

What about you?  Maybe you don't have clothes to share like I do, but I'm guessing you've been blessed by something that you can pay forward.  I'm so grateful to my friend for blessing me...and even more importantly, for challenging me to do the same to others.  Who will you pay it forward to this week?

Oh, and if you want to check out my friend and her husband's journey to health and wellness, check out the Blogs I Love and Follow list on the left side of this blog...their blog is called One Step Forward.  You'll LOVE it!!!

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