Monday, July 4, 2011

My Own Independence Day...

My first running shoes...
My own independence day
...will come when I run as far and as fast as I want to run. completely within my own control.
...will free my mind from the fear of unwanted limitations. closer every day.
...will happen when I lose the belief that I can't do things and instead accept the reality that I can do whatever I want to do as long as I am willing to do what is necessary to make it happen. the goal I aim at every time I put on my running shoes and work to make it reality.

Honestly, my own independence day began the day I made up my mind to MOVE!

-- Angie Haube, 7/4/11

Feeling a little poetic this July 4th!  Wrote this as a reminder to myself that I'm not where I was...but I'm also not where I want to be.  I've got some big goals yet to achieve...but make no mistake.  I will achieve them.

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