Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Checking Back In On Some Things...

The first two bags packed!
Update #1:  On Paying It Forward

I've never been one to put off anything for long...except grading papers, but let's not go there!  I figured while the "Dara Maclean Motivation" was still fresh in my mind, I'd better take advantage of it.  And boy did I!  The grand total...10 bags of clothes to bless another woman's life!

This has me thinking some things...

1.  I had WAY too many clothes!
2.  Clothes in trash bags are heavy...that was great exercise lugging them out of my bedroom and into my car...hey, does that count as a workout?!

I'm certain this is going to become a blog post in the future when I figure out how to process the fact that I completely filled TEN BAGS of clothes when some people in this world would be happy to have one clean set of clothes to change into tonight!  Goodness!  That one might take some time to think through!  I feel a life/priority change on my horizon...

Totally filled my trunk!

Update #2:  The New Default

Planning is turning out to be a great thing for my workouts this week.  I have planned out what each of them is going to be for the week so that it becomes new "default" setting.  And so far, I've stuck with the plan.  There's been a little stress in my life for sure...but nothing like the past 2 weeks...and nothing that has gotten in the way of my workouts this week so far.  And honestly, I feel like I'm working harder than I have lately.  My cardio fitness is improving daily...which is good!  I'm about back to where I was a few weeks ago in that regard.  I still can't go my regular distances, though...which brings us to the next bit of updating...

Update #3:  My Screwy Left Knee

After doing everything that I know how and can do for it on my own, I'm waving the white flag and going back to the doc next week.  (I tried to go this week, but she's on vacation...go figure!)  I'm sure she's going to send me to the orthopaedist and back to my favorite physical therapist-personal trainer-friend!  Going to Angie doesn't bother actually helps!  But going to the ortho is going to be painful.  More emotionally than physically.

You see, the orthopaedist I go to has a great reputation and seemed very kind at first.  Until he basically told me that the only thing that was going to help my knee was losing weight and suggested bariatric surgery versus any other option to fix the pain in my knees!  He was also the one who suggested the scooter...he is personally responsible for my trigger!  I suppose I should thank him for that, but I can't bring myself to do it.  He hasn't seen me since I began to lose this weight...mostly because I stubbornly refused to go to him!  Maybe he'll take my pain a bit more seriously now that I've got a 77 pound loss under my belt?  Let's hope so!  I just really don't want to sit through being beat up about my weight while my knees are screaming for help!!!

I'll keep you updated about the I always do!  Thanks for keeping me encouraged along the way!


  1. Congratulations on the closet clean-out. I keep myself to a strict policy: if I buy something new, then something old has to go. I have an exact number of wooden hangers in my closet and I refuse to buy more. That keeps me from having too many clothes and an over-stuffed closet.

  2. Julie...what a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing it! That's an awesome way to be a better steward of the resources God has given me. The closet is much more under control right now...and now I've got a good plan to keep it that way! I really appreciate the advice!


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