Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Month...New Goals!

One of the neatest lessons that I've learned along this journey has been one my friend Ben taught me.  Ben is a fitness you would expect most personal trainers to be, I guess!  He once had a coach who taught him about being "better every day".  Ben, in turn, shared that nugget of wisdom with me.

Today is the beginning of a new month.  If you also want it to be the beginning of a new YOU, figure out how you will be "better every day" this month.  Set some goals for yourself.  Goals are powerful!  They provide motivation to keep you working, but also give you something huge to celebrate when you attain them.  The more specific and measurable you can make your goals, the better shot you have at achieving them.

This morning, for example, in my water workout I did interval training.  Running 100 strides, then walking 20...that's better than I've ever done.  By about 30 running strides! I also did 50 intervals.  My last effort was 30 intervals at a 70/30 run/walk pace.  Today, I was better.  The next time I do intervals, I'll do better then, too.  That's my goal.  Remember where I more either quantitatively or qualitatively.'s a new month!  What are your goals???  Share them with me so I can encourage you along the way!

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